Areas of Practice

The Partners at Panicker & Panicker, supported by our advisors and team of industry experts, are highly regarded in our respective areas of practice. We have honed a wide range of skills and accrued ample experience in varied sectors, dealing with simple and complex matters of the law.

  • Corporate & Commercial Advisory

      Our multi-disciplinary advisory team of lawyers, company secretaries and risk management experts give timely advice to companies and senior personnel on a range of transactional and regulatory matters. This ensures that due diligence is done, risks are managed and compliances are met in every aspect, to best avoid conflicts in the future.

      For those clients who have no choice but to litigate, we have considerable experience in appearing before the NCLT, NCLAT, various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India, particularly relating to contractual disputes and oppression & mismanagement. We also provide the full spectrum of legal solutions to companies looking to establish a new business in India and in cross-border transactions.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Company compliance and corporate governance
      • Corporate and capital restructuring
      • Mergers & Acquisitions, both domestic and cross-border
      • Cross-border transactions and legal due diligence
      • Labour & employment issues
      • Shareholder and commercial dispute resolution
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy

      We have been working within the new paradigm of the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code that was passed in 2016 and have built an effective practice around insolvency disputes. We have represented financial/operational creditors, corporate debtors and resolution applicants, both during the CIRP process and before the NCLT.

      Our team also advises on structuring, recovery, negotiation and disposal of distressed assets. We also have expertise in advising debtors and creditors on cross-border insolvency in relation to Indian law.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Advice on IBC, moratorium & insolvency resolution compliances
      • Legal due diligence for corporate debtors
      • Seek relief from NCLT on behalf of clients
      • Expression of interest for the insolvency resolution process
      • Asset/liability restructuring and compliances with applicable law
      • Implementation of liquidations and voluntary winding-ups
  • Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

      One of our core practice areas is dispute resolution, which includes arbitration, mediation and litigation, as the case may warrant. We have extensive experience in litigating before various High Courts, the Supreme Court of India and varied Appellate Tribunals. We have also represented clients in arbitrations seated within and outside India, both ad-hoc and under specific procedural rules.

      Our Partner Emeritus is highly regarded as an Arbitrator in disputes relating to FDI, ONG, Mines & Minerals, Aviation etc. and is an authority in lending legal opinion in domestic and international commercial arbitration matters.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Disputes relating to property, succession, joint development transactions etc.
      • Writ and corporate litigation
      • Banking & financial disputes, including debt recovery
      • Disputes arising from actions in tort
      • Contractual & commercial disputes, shareholder disputes etc.
      • Arbitration proceedings, enforcement and setting aside of arbitral awards
  • Environment & Energy Law

      We have worked on varied environmental regulatory matters, representing clients in disputes regarding Coastal Regulation Zones, the disposal of Hazardous Waste and other environmental issues, before the Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, and the National Green Tribunal.

      We advise on Oil & Gas and mining projects as well as renewable energy projects, which includes environmental compliance, environmental impact assessments, project financing and best practices.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Advise on regulatory and environmental frameworks
      • Draft and review EPC contracts, operation & maintenance agreements, licenses etc.
      • Conduct legal due diligence for proposed projects
      • Draft, review and negotiate financing and security documentation
      • Advise on land acquisition and potential liabilities
      • Advise on dispute resolution in relation to distressed projects
  • Banking & Finance

      With financial markets increasingly crossing borders, we advise on debt transactions (both domestic and external commercial borrowings), which requires a keen understanding of the Indian law, especially relating to RBI provisions.

      We have extensive experience in advising banks, NBFCs and debtors on a range of matters, from dispute resolution to transactional compliance. Our team has worked with some of the largest banks in India, representing them before multiple fora and assisting in varied financial transactions.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Acquisition financing and leveraged buy-outs and buy-ins
      • Debt capital market advice on raising, refinancing or restructuring debt
      • Regulatory advice for transactions across industries and jurisdictions
      • Structured finance for businesses, sale structures and securitized assets
      • Compliance and due diligence for banking institutions
      • Drafting and vetting for structured lending agreements
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure

      This practice caters to developers, landowners, corporations and private clients who seek to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry, be it related to sale, purchase or project development activities. We do a comprehensive due diligence that includes title verification, site verification, document vetting and other ancillary searches, to authenticate any real-estate deal.

      We assist in selling, purchasing, leasing and licensing industrial, commercial and residential property, which includes securing clearances with Government Entities and ensuring procedural compliance of transactions at all levels.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Due Diligence with detailed report
      • Pre/post-purchase and sale documentation
      • Construction, development and re-development projects
      • Joint ventures and revenue sharing agreements
      • Leases, licenses and property management advice
      • Compliances related to Special Economic Zones
      • Project finance and structuring
      • Conveyancing documentation and compliance
  • Education Law

      We have a thriving practice in Education Law, dealing with matters relating to schools, professional institutions and universities. We engage with clients in the capacity of advocates for litigation and arbitration, and as advisors for expansion, policy and business practices.

      We offer legal and advisory services for seamless administration, efficient management and getting accreditation from the relevant education board/regulating bodies. We also support the establishment of private institutions under the canopy of State Governments or the UGC of India.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Drafting documents for establishment and management of educational institutions
      • Advice on formation of educational Trusts and Societies in India or abroad
      • Legal due diligence and structuring for setting up educational institutions
      • Advisory services related to getting recognition/affiliation relevant bodies
      • Advice on joint ventures, franchising and other business models
      • Drafting and reviewing equity, shareholder and service agreements
      • Compliances with current education laws
      • Dispute resolution within institutions
  • Direct & Indirect Tax

      We have significant expertise in both Direct and Indirect Taxation, having advised clients on tax compliance, planning, documentation and exemptions. Our team has argued on behalf of clients in tax litigations, and we regularly assist in tax-efficient structuring.

      The practice includes GST, foreign trade policy and procedures and other allied legislations. We also have experience in matters of classification, valuation, taxability of goods and services and compliance.

       Our work in this area includes:

      • Transaction tax services relating to mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures etc.
      • Tax aspects of restructuring for protecting against corporate insolvency
      • Permissibility of FDI in real estate services, interest limitation provisions etc.
      • Domestic and international cross-border tax matters
  • Intellectual Property Rights

      We are fully equipped to advise and execute any matter related to Intellectual Property Rights. Our team, in conjunction with subject-matter experts, advises and appears on behalf of clients in matters related to trademarks, patents, designs, trade secrets, licensing, infringement etc., across varied industries.

      We advise clients on how to maximise protection of their intellectual property in all aspects. We also offer a predictive risk analysis on fresh branding, scope for contention, strategies to obtain favourable settlements etc.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Patentability with Prior Art search and analysis
      • Drafting and filing of Patents according to USPTO standards
      • Trademark Conflict search and analysis
      • Trademark filing, opposition and infringement prosecution
      • Drafting Trademark License Agreements, Master Royalty Agreements etc.
      • Drafting and filing/removal of Design applications
      • Advise on domain name issues and disputes
  • White-Collar Crime

      Our team has worked on varied matters of white-collar crime, with members who participated in matters such as the 2G Spectrum case. White-collar crime usually stems from non-compliance with anti-bribery and corruption laws, corporate and accounting fraud, insider trading, data privacy, money laundering etc.  We have extensive experience in representing clients in matters both at preventative and prosecution stages and getting desired results.

      We also advise in matters where top management, promoters or other employees are involved in alleged wrongdoing, and offer legal solutions to protect personal liberty, or initiate cancellation of contracts, as the case may warrant.

      Our work in this area includes:

      • Incident management and risk mitigation within enterprise
      • Collecting, verifying and analysing evidence to uncover facts and persons involved
      • Examining and establishing compliance policies
      • Mitigating damage to reputation and unwarranted publicity
      • Litigation support in criminal and civil proceedings
      • Representing in criminal and enforcement matters initiated by the government




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